Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowship schemes vary depending on career-stage, and eligibility criteria usually depend on the number of years of the applicant's experience as a post-doctoral researcher. Please contact the relevant College Research Support Office for support to apply for the fellowship.

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowship

The University's Lord Kelvin Adam Smith (LKAS) Research Fellowships scheme supports researchers to become future research leaders. If you have general queries on the LKAS Fellowship, please contact Kristy Bremner in the Research Startegy and Innovation Office.

Clinical Research Funding and Fellowships

If you are a clinician and wish to undertake academic research and training, there are various funding schemes and Fellowships available to which you can apply; for example, the Clinical Research Career Development Fellowships funded by the Wellcome Trust.

We recommend that you seek guidance and advice from Lesley Dinning before you apply for the clinical research fellowships. You can seek further guidance from the University's Clinicians in Research Network (CiRN).


The Lord Kelvin Adma Smith (LKAS) PhD Scholarships are the Univeristy's pretisgious scholarships. For more information please visit the webpage

** The Postgraduate Research Service (PGR) manages many University-wide and collaborative PhD and travel scholarships. **

If you are unable to find a specific PhD scholarship, please contact the relevant College Graduate School or PGR office.