Staff or students who are planning international travel or are returning from overseas should refer to UK and Scottish Government advice on any current travel restrictions or required actions.

Covid risk should currently be treated in the same way as any other overseas health risk with suitable insurance to enable emergency medical care in place prior to travel. Travellers should be aware that destination countries may have specific entry requirements that they need to follow and should identify these requirements in advance of any trip.

The University recognises that it owes all staff and students a duty of care and must ensure, as a matter of moral and legal principle, that staff or students who travel, or work, overseas are protected, so far as is reasonably practicable, from risks to their health and safety.

The University has prepared an institutional policy and guidance on the procedures to be followed when travel is planned or being undertaken. This includes risk assessment procedures that are detailed within the menu items linked from this page.

Please also see the University advice on sustainability and travel.

Students on GoAbroad (study and work programmes)

Students on these programmes do not need to follow the risk assessment process described below. The GoAbroad team will conduct the risk assessment for your time abroad. They will provide this to you after academic progression checks have been completed and they are able to confirm that your opportunity can proceed. If you have a significant underlying medical condition, please get in touch with the GoAbroad so that an appropriate individual risk assessment that takes this into account can be conducted.