Training and Learning Resources for University of Glasgow Staff and Research Students

Schools, Institutes and Services must ensure that members of staff, and students, have sufficient knowledge and skills to enable them to work, or study safely. Broadly speaking, provision of adequate training is a general legal requirement and expectation for all work.  However, there are also some situations where specific, defined training must be provided to meet a particular regulatory requirement. Advice on this is available from SEPS specialist staff.

Consideration of training needs should form part of the risk assessment process for all activities and should also be discussed at an individual level as part of the PDR process.

Training Needs Analysis

A structured training needs analysis is a useful means of identifying training requirements and is a key element of good safety management. The Excel-based template below is provided to help managers within University units with this. (Note that the template has several tabs covering both the training available via SEPS and other safety-related training that may be needed.)

Safety Training Needs Analysis Template (v1)

In some cases, staff or students may require technical skills to carry out a particular task or process correctly rather than specific safety training. In this case, units will need to identify suitable sources of expertise and mechanisms for delivery of such skill-based training, whether by departmental staff or through external routes.

SEPS Safety Training Courses

Where the need is for general safety training, rather than technical training, SEPS can offer a range of trainer-led health and safety training courses and electronic resources. These are available to University of Glasgow staff and postgraduate research students only. Most are listed within the Training Needs Analysis template. Some example areas where training is available through SEPS are listed below. Note that there is a cost-recovery based charge for some of these courses as indicated below. Please contact us if you need advice on what is available.

Safety Induction

New staff beginning work in the University are required to complete the Health, Safety & Wellbeing electronic induction within the their first 3 months at the University.  Existing staff are also encouraged to complete the induction. Details of the induction programme can be found the the Health, Safety & Wellbeing webpage.  On-line Induction for New Staff

Fire Safety

SEPS provide fire safety awareness training for all staff via an on-line training package.  Details of how to access this are provided on the main fire safety webpage.  Staff should access and complete this training at least every three years.  

We also provide face-to-face fire safety training courses to Area Fire Officers and to Fire Wardens and can arrange additional bespoke fire safety training where local fire risk merits this.  Contact SEPS for details.  Fire Extinguishers - Colours, Classes and Guidance on Use‌‎‌‎‌‎

Health and Safety

SEPS provide general health and safety training for managers, safety coordinators and staff through courses approved by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). There is a cost for both of these courses.  Managing Safely (IOSH accredited) / Working Safely (IOSH accredited)

First Aid

SEPS provide first aid training courses for staff, please email to book a course. There is a cost for these courses.  First-aid

PGRs can access first aid training via the researcher development programme

First Aid Mobile Phone Apps

First-aid apps - St John's Ambulance

First-aid apps - Red Cross

Manual Handling

SEPS provide a manual handling training course for staff. There is a cost for this course.  Manual Handling and Backcare

Chemical Safety

SEPS provide a range of chemical safety training courses for staff and research students.

Training in COSHH and chemical awareness is either delivered as a a full day course or as a bite sized training option which lasts from a minimum of 2 hours up to a half day session.  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Biological Safety

SEPS provide a biological and genetic modification safety training course for staff and research students.  Biological and Genetic Modification Safety

Transport of Biological Hazards

Training on the safe transport of biological hazards can be obtained from a number of suppliers but are not provided internally.  Transport of Biological Hazards

Waste Management

SEPS provide waste management training course for staff.  Waste Management Training

Online Resources

Step-by-step Guide to Inspection of Electrical Equipment‌‎‎‌‌‎‌‎