Mary Queen of Scots: The Making of an Icon Podcast

Fans of the Mary Queen of Scots Project will be delighted to hear that Anne Dulau-Beveridge (Art Curator at The Hunterian) and Dr Steven Reid (Scottish Historian based at the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts) feature in the latest edition of the 'Tudor History and Travel Show' podcast presented by Sarah Morris.

The episode, titled ‘Mary Queen of Scots: The Making of an Icon with Dr Steven Reid and Anne Dulau’, commemorates the anniversary of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots on 8 February 1587 and explores the breadth of the project, which looks at how Mary Queen of Scots has been remembered and portrayed across the centuries since her death.

Listen now via the latest blog post from the Mary Queen of Scots Project: Something about Mary: A podcast interview with the co-directors of “In my End is my Beginning”.


First published: 8 February 2021

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